Social Media Marketing Creates Brand Ambassadors

When you received a recommendation to one product by the manufacturer and a competitor’s product by a friend, which would you choose? It’s normal for you to choose the product recommended by a trusted friend. In this article, we will introduce you to the power of social media, the virtual word-of-mouth advertising platform.

Social media taps into word-of-mouth advertising, converting curious consumers into loyal customers.

When Microsoft wanted to know why social media was so popular among leading marketers the world-over, they surveyed 713 social media leaders in six countries, including Singapore, the UK, the US and Brazil. They found that the #1 cited reason for social media advertising preference was its power to generate word-of-mouth advertising. USA Today columnist and small business lawyer, Steve Strauss, says that, in today’s digital world, word-of-mouth has become “word-of-click” and a retweet is a customer’s publicly displayed stamp of approval. Not only is a customer testimonial free but it is the most trusted form of advertising among consumers.

Repeat exposure creates sales.

On average, it takes up to 8 mentions of your brand before a consumer will decide to buy. Without being where your customers are online, reaching your target markets so frequently can be challenging. However, through social media, your community can view your brand mentions daily. By reminding your markets often of exactly how your products can help make their lives easier or more enjoyable, you are more likely to be remembered when consumers need your products. And, you are sure to be remembered and mentioned when their friends need your products as well.

Social media builds your SEO campaign.

Of course, all of those social media shares, likes and reviews do wonders for your SEO campaign, further driving down your marketing costs.

First, it establishes you as an industry authority and influencer. When your posts share valuable industry information, the resulting follower shares help establish you as anĀ  Digital Marketing Agency in USA industry authority and influencer. This grabs Google’s attention and encourages it to promote your brand, right where your future customers can find you.
Second, it creates website traffic. When you share interesting, valuable or helpful information with your social media audience, an audience that is likely already in perusal mode, you greatly increase the chances they will click through to your website. Each click on your website sends a message to Google that your products and website content are in demand. Moreover, once on your website, you can hook your visitors with a great product, a call to sign up for the company newsletter or a promotional coupon. With increased traffic and a growing customer-base, you can use social media to boost your search engine rankings.
More customer reviews boost your reputation and search engine ranking. Have you ever gone on a Facebook or Twitter company page and noticed that it includes a five star rating system under the cover photo? Many customers might miss this added feature, but Google and other search engines do not. Those reviews, whether negative or positive, tell search engines that consumers are paying attention to your company. Suddenly, Google and other search engines believe its users will find you valuable also and they will give you a ranking raise.
Listening to your customers helps you win a loyal, life-time customer-base.

All these reviews help you better understand your customer base. Through them, you learn your customers’ preferences. And, as you work to grant those wishes, you gain your target market’s trust and loyalty. This loyalty converts the occasional customer into a life-time, brand loyal customer and, often, a brand ambassador as he or she recommends your products to friends.

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