How to Determine If Your Managed Service and IT Support

In the current economic climate no one wants to waste money. It is a big reason so many companies outsource their non-core activities, like Managed Services and IT Support, in the first place. But how is a business owner to know if his or her IT Support is doing the best job it can?


Probably most important is how quickly your outsourced IT Support can respond to issues that arise. Things like viruses, servers going down, etc can crop up for a variety of reasons and interrupt the work flow of your company. Does your IT Solution have the ability to react instantly to these situations? Are they proactive, meaning they are even able to anticipate serious problems before they arise? A good IT Support solution has proactive monitoring that alerts them of potential issues before they come to a head. And when serious issues do arise, they can respond on multiple tiers. Tier 1, immediate phone support and the ability to remotely connect to affect a solution. Higher tiers would incorporate more in-depth analysis, and if needed, an on site visit ASAP. IT Support

Technological Savvy

Simple put, does your Managed Services IT Support team know what they are doing? Do they have any certifications? How long have they been in business and can they provide recommendations from satisfied clients? Do they promise they can do things that they have consistently failed to do, or do they deliver? Don’t be satisfied with excuses. They are there to ease your burden, not add to it. They may be the nicest group of guys in the world, but if they are not up to date on the latest, pro-active, technologies, and are unable to quickly diagnose and repair issues, then you should move on.


I include this because it is important that your employee base know they can contact tech support, and not be condescended, or chided, but treated with respect. If your employees do not feel comfortable bringing up a situation that occurs, that helps absolutely no one, and potentially will cost you money.

To summarize, I think these are the base line factors you need to consider when evaluating your Managed Services and IT Support solution. In my next post I will speak more about specific items to look for when choosing on a solution. Until then, see ya later!



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