Managing Teen Video Game Addiction

Video games if not carefully monitored, can virtually rob your child of everything that he or she used to care about. Fortunately, it is often easy to tell when your child has “drowned” in computer gaming. The early signs of such an addiction look for the following signs;-

You child loses interest in most other chores in life in favor of the gaming activities to the extent that he/she may withdraw from society. Do not condone this behavior, curb it early enough to avoid rebellious behavior from your own children. I have been a victim of the same. It’s traumatizing.

Your teenage children quickly learn and acquire some impressive debating skills. If you question their motivations for repetitive gaming activities, they may rebut our concerns logically and even question our own failures as parents.

A child obsessed with gaming loses patience with others, is quick to temper and may react to situations without thinking of the outcome. Take sometime, pay attention to computer gaming, and you will notice that they require this kind of aggression to win or to advance to a higher gaming level.

You can easily tell your child is obsessed with computer game when your child’s grades start falling, when they start skipping their homework, or when they shun from socializing. A stitch in time saves nine, nip the vice in the bud before it’s too late to take control of the situation.

The repercussions of not being able to solve this problem often lead to activities such as: – accusations, breaking things, stealing, running away from home, etc. At this point in time, the child is so overtaken and may do anything to get his or her hands on a gaming gadgets.

It is unfortunate, that your child when obsessed with this kind of violent gaming is literally being molded to react in a queer manner as described above. That’s why it is important Gaming gadgets  that as a parent, you monitor and control access to this kind of entertainment. It is often advisable to substitute such activities with those that encourage slow thinking such as creative art, music, drama or expose them to other non-violent pleasures like swimming, skating or even dancing.

The impact that video games has inflicted on the youth today is an issue that has raised a lot of concern. As a parent of a teenager, do your children a favor by being hawk-eyed on all the activities that engage their time and you will never regret the decision you make in future.

The author, Patrick Okumu, is an experienced internet marketer and web designer cam developer. Patrick has written several articles on video games, laptop, computer memory, computer software and hardware, anti-spy ware, viruses etc. For more on computers visit the link:



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