Airline Credit Cards Offer Consumer Credit Empowerment

Airline Credit Cards Offer Consumer Credit Empowerment

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This articles offers advice on airline credits and how they offer consumers various means of credit empowerment.

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Insurance companies are doing it – so are mortgage companies and airlines. They are toiling to supply data so that a fast-paced society can access a side-by-side comparison, eliminating the mystery of a good deal.

A few clicks and you can see what the cards offer and what you will need to pay for the service provided. No nagging sales representatives hanging over your shoulder or ruining a perfectly good meal – just an internet ready computer and a little time to look through the issues to find a good match.

Today the same applies to the airline credit card industry. Now you have the opportunity to compare before applying for a card. You can choose which card reflects your credit rating, provides the best rates, perks and special introductory Annual Percentage Rate (APR) offers.

The ‘Welcome Bonus’: What does it mean?

The Citi® PremierPass Card provides an attractive 12 month, 0% APR on balance transfers and retains a competitive ongoing APR thereafter. This card may also be attractive due to the ‘no annual fee’ offer. This card makes things very simple by providing one airline point for every three miles you fly (on any airline) and it provides 1 point for every dollar charged to your airline credit card. This particular card provides 5,000 reward points the very first time you use your card.

For those who would like a bigger bonus when starting their journey with an airline credit card they might find the United Airlines Mileage Plus® Signature Visa® card to be more to their liking. This particular card offers one of the highest bonus miles (after first purchase) in the industry. The kick off bonus miles list at 17,500 and this card will provide up to 11 miles for every dollar spent at participating cafés and restaurants throughout the U.S. This particular card does require an annual fee of $60, however they do include other perks specific to flights on United Airlines.

The Citi Gold Advantage® World MasterCard also features a higher bonus mile total on your first purchase at 12,500 miles and an annual fee of $50, but it adds the bonus of redeeming mile points for major car rental outlets as well as several hundred-hotel accommodations around the globe.

Making Sense of the Numbers

In the first scenario you find lower fees, interest and bonus miles. In the other two, you find higher fees and interest, but you also have the capability to accelerating your air travel plans. With the bonus offerings, the second and third choice may be the right fit for many vacation hungry consumers.

Consumer Empowerment

Taking a couple of minutes to examine airline credit card offers may well result in a good fit for your budget, travel aims and potential rewards needs. Your reward is without the aid of any pressure from a salesperson and you have passage to all pertinent details at the click of your mouse.

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