Top Time Saving Tools For Creating Hair Extensions

Over the last five years I have fitted hair extensions using two types. These are using a glue bond to hold the hair in place and suspend it so it does not pull on the hair making a bare hair patch. I also have started using more recently a paper tape extension system. This works by placing a tape near the clients scalp and applying the strips of hair to this tape that holds the hair in place. Tape has its advantages as its smoother to touch through the hair and faster to fit to the client.

Fitting new ones in my opinion has always been a little bit difficult using different sizes and shapes of hair to very accurately it is not an easy job.

Here are some tools I use and I have found help make my life easier.


You may think I am crazy but they actually do work. I use pincers from any local hardware store they are inexpensive to buy and readily available. I use them on holding on to the keratin bonds when applying into the hair. I can hold the bond with the pincer and then apply the heat gun. The pincers are also good for teasing out and removing and replacing old extensions

Hair clips

I always find I can never have enough sectioning clips. My favourite one for extensions are the longer curved type with grip teeth. These work better in thick hair and are easily repositioned. I find also they are clever when used as a straight edge guide to getting the hair in more precisely to the clients head.

Creating Hair Extensions My Top Time Saving Tools

Fitting hair extensions in my opinion has always been a little bit difficult because you have to use different sizes and shapes of hair that need to be applied very accurately, it is not an easy job. Here are some tools I use that I have found help make my life easier.

Shampoo and conditioner

It is impossible to fit and keep up to extensions without using a good after care shampoo and conditioner. Some clients sometimes are very resistant to this fact when they have had hair extensions installed. They do not believe that the provided after care shampoo and conditioners are there to prolong the life of the hair treatment instead they often think it is a hidden extra.

Paddle brush

I could not do without a good quality hair brush unlike other hair brushes the type used for extensions comb through the hair much easier. They have some long and some short bristles that run over the bonds with no risk of combing them out.

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