Harnessing The Power Of Renewable Energy By 2020

The debate in whether or not it is the right decision to ‘go green’ is still a topic of discussion in many households. One thing that is known for certain is that the United States and other¬† expression¬†countries cannot keep depending on oil reserves to produce the amount of power we will need in the future. Renewable energy by 2020 should be a goal to be maintained and met.

There are some interesting facts about alternative power sources that definitely cannot be denied. A single minute of solar energy is far greater than the supply we use each year in fossil fuel. Energy that is consumed by the entire planet can be replaced by wind. The wind that blows across the United States alone supplies more than one and a half of that same amount.

Present day fuel sources are adding drastic measures of pollution to our planet on a daily basis. All sources of renewable energy are carbon free and one hundred percent clean. Think what that would mean to the thousands of people who suffer from respiratory illnesses caused by the emissions of today’s power plants. No more pollution of air, land, or seas by smog or oil spills. Animal life would abound in this new environment.

Most importantly is that all of these renewable sources come to us absolutely free of charge. The equipment to harness these sources will allow homes and businesses never before known savings. Just in the past few years alone the cost of heating, cooling, and lighting our homes has reached a new high. People all over the world are beginning to realize our option of living in harmony with the world. Stopping the depletion of the earth’s resources will not only enhance our lives but leave the planet a much better place for our children to inhabit. Planning for the future is an option that can no longer be ignored.

As with all things, there is one major drawback to going green. That lies in the initial cost involved in the purchase and installation of required equipment. Starting any new project costs money and the new power plants coming on the scene that produce energy using renewable sources, do in fact raise the bar on cost. As experience has shown us repeatedly, the cost of new technology is high and will remain high until market saturation is reached. Many are of the opinion that high utility bills should be eliminated now for going green to be considered cost worthy. The point in matter is that the cost of going green may be high, but the cost of not going green is only going to get higher with none of the advantages to be gained with green power.

As some clouds are said to have a silver lining, some states can have their initial costs offset by State and Federal government agencies. A database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy has been set up. Here you can find all the necessary information about these incentive programs. Many people are beginning to install solar panels in their homes to offset the cost of local power company charges. If anyone should be seeking ways to pursue other cost effective means, be warned that in order to use it in your home it has to be Underwriter Laboratory approved or passed by the California Energy Counsel.

Many companies have been manufacturing do-it-yourself renewable energy sources. Be forewarned that what these companies are after is your hard earned dollar. None of these systems have been approved for use and you should not be taken in by their slick talking salespeople and advertisements. Do not put your money into any product that does not have the UL or CEC approved label.

The best thing you can do for your community is to educate people about the economic and environmental impact that solar energy will have on the lives of everyone. The renewable energy arena is a fast growing enterprise. By 2020 it is hoped that our planet will be totally powered using the green energy that is available to us now.


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