Top 10 Reasons You Want Mafia 2

That’s right. The iconic Tommy Gun. Well not JUST the Tommy Gun, but the ability to put.45 rounds into multiple faces in rapid succession mobster style. Yeah sure, There are plenty of games that let you do this. But none of them capture the Gang Era feeling so well, and make you say to yourself “So THIS is what it felt like to be Baby Face Nelson!” And speaking of Baby Faces, You’ll hear many babies crying from inside houses as you walk down a street, Hip Firing your Thompson with a huge grin on your face…. You sick sadistic animal

#9) Dress for Success.

By Dress I mean the sophisticated suits and stylish fedoras with freshly shined shoes. By Success I mean getting away with $20,000 you forcefully took from the local bank. There are many styles and bits of clothing you can wear, and nothing says 1950’s Mobster Action like a Suit with a Submachin Gun tucked in your trench coat. You *Will* visit the many clothing shops and you *Will* Walk out of said shops with some fancy new threads. Paying for it is optional, But it’s nice to know that a change of underwear will ward off the police if you’re wanted.

#8) Crime Sprees!

Between Missions in this Free Roam game you will probably be replenishing your health with a cup of joe, or buying a new hat or even buying a shiny new pistol in the local Gun store, only to shoot the owner and take the money back before casually walking out with your new toy. This is a game about the criminal life, after all, so it’s nice to see the ability to put on your common criminal petty theft panties every now and then and rob the registers of the local shops. After your Crime police will show up and question the owners, or if you sent the shop owners on a one way trip to hell via the Tommy Rocket Express, the shop will be closed down, and empty, complete with crime scene tape covering the doors.

#7) Say, That’s a Swell ride!

The closest thing we have today to the 1950’s is Sonic. Yeah I know. Waitresses on Rollerskates and Beachboys over the PA system. While that can be nice to look at and listen to from time to time, they still won’t look or bring you into the era like a good old fashioned Automobile made out of solid metal and have wings large enough to create lift. Not to mention the pastel colors they’ll often be painted in. But this is Mafia. If you can’t afford that new T-Bird, then you can just yank Suzie Q right on out and take it for yourself. This is the era before computers as well so just drive it to get your tags changed, it’ll be months before police even get the memo.

#6) Playboy Magazine.

Throughout Mafia II’s world of Empire Bay are lots of lost and dropped Playboy magazines just waiting for you to find them. Most games have pigeons to shoot or packages to find with no incentive to find them other than an extra number in the stats. Well now you have incentive because each one found gives you an actual centerfold from the Playboy magazines of the era. Never in the history of gaming will people be hunting a collectible so fast. Don’t worry though, these are the 40’s 50’s and 60’s versions of Playboy, Only tasteful stuff here

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