Firefox 4 Beta With Simple Interface

The Mozilla Foundation has launched new version of Firefox, Firefox 4 Beta version. The software is based on the Gecko 2 that is faster and lighter than previous version. Firefox 4 also uses much less memory than the earlier versions. It has simple interface with tab on the top like Google Chrome web browser has. The menu bar is initially hidden and replace with Firefox icon on the right top just like on Opera 10.6

Firefox 4 has new addons manager which integrates into the browser. Addons manager will open in new tab instead in pop-up like on the previous version. But this section is still coming soon; we hope it can be used on next release. Unfortunately this method does not apply on option manager; a new pop up will be opened when access Option manager

Firefox 4 also has a hidden gemĀ  universitycafe in the smart location bar, which will allow you to switch to an open URL by typing in the URL or searching for the title of the page. It is very useful if you have several open tabs and want to switch to it quickly without navigating through all the tabs.

If you have some feedback with Firefox, you can use feedback feature. Firefox 4 put an one click feedback access on their browser. Your feedback is essential to make the product perfect on final version or next release. When click the icon you can give opinion that Firefox can make you happy or sad or participate survey.

Firefox 4 has native support for HTML5 WebM videos. WebM is an open source royalty free codec for HTML5 videos which is an alternative to H.264 and Theora codes. The new version also come single click bookmark access.

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Great news for Opera fans, a new version (10.60) has been released with a completely new JavaScript framework and the promise of the new Opera is eight times higher speed. Opera is admired for its speed, visual and simplicity. Everything began with the revitalization of the interface, much prettier and more intuitive. The source code has been completely revised to eliminate residues from previous versions and fix bugs.

The final version of Opera 10.60 managed to surprise even those who followed each update. Amazingly fast browser now has native support for the WebM and HTML5, Geolocation, suggestions result feature in searches and applies the Anti-fraud system and Anti-phishing.

Super Fast Browsing With Style Opera has always been the browser with the greatest efficiency among all others. When you open the browser, it shows what is called “Speed Dial”. A homepage that meets all of the most visited websites by you or recent favorites. Seems silly, but it is really very useful.

Opera tabs are known for their flexibility. This is because, as soon as you click and drag the bar that separates the navigation tabs, you can get thumbnails of the pages that are open. The visual is great and makes it easier for those who love to open many pages at the same time.

You can access the other main functions of the browser (E-mail, Favorites and Widgets etc) by clicking on the big red “O” in the upper-left corner. And don’t worry about the plug-ins compatibility, because most already installed, as the Flash Player.

Resources Opera complements automatically what you type in the address bar with history and Favorites that you have. Search within pages has also been enhanced, so you filter what you’re looking for. If you use Opera with Windows 7, realizes that the visuals are made to suit the new operating system. I.e. transparency takes care of the browser from the top to the lowest part of it.


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