Five Tips For Creating Your Professional Online Presence Using a Word Press Blog

Are you looking to start business online? Are you looking to make money Online? Or are you interested in creating your professional online presence? If you just answered YES to any of these questions you need to read this post!

I want you to stop, take a deep breath and forget everything you thought about coming online. I want you to release all thoughts of fear and confusion. So go ahead… close your eyes and take a deep breath.

OK great! You must feel refreshed knowing what you thought about coming online is not true. Creating a website is not hard at all. It only takes your willingness to learn. Think back to a time when you were unsure of yourself about something you were tempted to do and when you took charge and did it, you were amazed at how easy it really was. That is exactly how it will be for you creating your Word Press Blog my friends.

These are the steps to creating your professional online presence. We will go more in depth on all these below. You have the option to do this free or you can pay a small amount to Stand OUT from the rest.

1. Decide what name you will call your Word Press Blog. What Domain name are you going to use?

2. Where will you host it?

3. What theme are you going to use?

4. How are you going to impact the internet; what are you going to write about?

5. Final touches

Deciding what you will call your word press blog.

When deciding what to call your site, I suggest using your name if possible. This is the best way to begin creating your professional online presence. It would make sense to call a site if the site is about YOU. Sometimes certain names may not be available. My name was not available when I first started branding myself with a professional online presence. Other alternatives are,.info,.co,.biz…. You can also add some small words like,, or…etc. This is if you go and purchase a domain name.

Purchasing a domain name is a great way to be professional! If you’re going to do it, Do it the right way, right? You can find any domain provider by doing a Google search for ‘Domain Providers’

If you are going to use the free methods you do not have to worry about it. Here is where to go and get a free blog, and are the two most popular. I must warn you that using these services will add to the end of the name you chose to call your professional online presence device AKA your blog. This can be unattractive to some but it is all up to YOU.

Where Will You Host It?

Hosting your site is what I like to call ‘Online Real-Estate’ You can either live in the suburbs or the Hampton’s… your closest projects or your uptown neighborhoods. So you decide where you want to live. When I say the projects, I’m referring to the FREE version of hosting which is at and to name a few. Think of it as if your renting an apt. You are limited to what you can do.

Your uptown neighborhood gives you more control as if you owned your house and you could take out a wall to make your kitchen bigger if you wanted to. There are many different places you can go to get hosting for your blog if you decide you want full control of your blog. Do not feel discouraged if you cannot afford to buy a domain and hosting for your blog. Just do what you can…the most important thing is that you implement what you’re learning in this post.

I use Just Host for hosting my WordPress Blogs

What theme AM I Going To Use?

Themes are simply designs. Themes are what add uniqueness to your professional online presence. There are all kinds of different themes to choose from. You have your list of FREE and your selection of paid themes. Using a free theme is best for now at least until you can afford a premium theme.

Themes add value to your blogs, just as much as your posts do. We will talk about your posts in a minute. When choosing a theme, you can become very indecisive. At least I know I was…and still am at times. You will come across a large number of themes you like while you search for your online landscape ‘outside look’. It is my experience that narrowing it down to two or three is best. You need to know you can change your theme as often as you like.

How are YOU Going To Impact The Internet…what will you write about?

This is a very easy one! Write about YOU! What do you like? What do you know about something? Write about what interests YOU and what get’s YOU excited. Once YOU understand the importance in that, you will start seeing more and more people coming to see who YOU are and YOUR professional presence online.

The same principle that applies to choosing YOUR domain also applies to what you write about. For example, if you enjoy reading write about reading. If YOU are into engines, write about engines. If you are teaching a Lamaze class at your local hospital, write about Lamaze class and why you recommend it. Whatever your passionate about, write about it. You will soon attract other people from all over the world to hear about what YOU have to say. Creating YOUR professional online presence is an amazing privilege we have.

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