The Versatility of Threaded Plastic Inserts

Plastic inserts are useful end plugs which can be used in tubes to provide an additional fitting facility. Threaded plastic pieces come in a variety of materials and thickness to suit the specific industrial needs. There are also a plethora of shapes for threaded plastic insert tubing; one can find round, square or rectangular shapes to fit various shapes of pipe.


Threaded tube inserts that are made of plastic material are found to be very useful in the various industries as well as home environment. The round or square inserts can come in stepped or ribbed feet for an easier height adjustment besides offering strength and durability of the plastic piece. Threaded inserts are more stress resistant where the top portion in a hexagonal nut shape can take on a high lateral stress.

Threaded plastic inserts can come in a full metal finishing and zinc plating with a ribbed design which is intended for an easy locking in the tube. These plastic square inserts of high PVC materials are very resistant to corrosion and chemical reactions while giving a better grip with a non-conductivity feature. Thus, they are highly popular in many industrial and domestic applications.

Plastic threaded inserts are usually lighter than their metal counterpart to make them more favorable in most applications but their light-weight feature can also be less durable. Nevertheless, these threaded inserts offer a better finish as well as prevent abrasion injuries with a higher level of safety when applied to shelving and display racks.


There is no lack of use of plastic threaded inserts in the market. These plastic units cover sharp edges of furniture to make the environment child-proof such as in homes, schools, libraries and places where a lot of people traffic is expected. They are commonly found in assembling adjustable feet and castors as well as in heavy-duty applications.

Plastic threaded inserts are used for an additional grip as well as stronger lock to fit components smoothly with a gentle tap or knock to secure the tube while giving a good finish without dangerous edges.

There is a variety of functional plastic inserts depending on the applications and budget. Most of these hardware pieces enhance the aesthetics of the environment and pieces applied on.

Such plastic threaded inserts are easily procured from the local hardware stores onsite or online with discounts and delivery services, especially with bulk orders. Such hardware inserts can be custom made according to the desired material, thickness or shape to fit the application specifications.

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