Plastic Versus Organic – How Far Can We Go?

“Life in plastic is fantastic” is no longer a verse, but the motto for globalization, which has taken the so-called benefits of plastic to their utmost. In fact, anything seems to be made out of cheap plastic these days, and it seems that food is affected by this phenomenon. And by plastic we do not mean only plastic bottles, as synthetic fibers have the same origin as plastic items. The main reason for plastic spread is undeniably the versatility of the material, covering so many textures, colors, forms and designs, always supported by cheapness. It is worth mentioning that this phenomenon has generated a certain reaction of all who want to go green. In general, we call this trend, organic as, these individuals strive to initiate by all means a healthy way of life, where part of this attitude is reflected in the efforts we make to keep the environment safer. This approach demands major changes of the lifestyle and impacts a wide range of details. While many of us are interested in all means that could make their life better, the commercial services are more than willing to serve this request by initiating new selling lines labeled eco-friendly, friendly-environmental, organic and bio. The interest is so high that, these days we have the green version of plastic clamshell packaging.

However, the stress falls on all items that are considered a major threat for our health. For instance, plastic food packaging solutions are the number one enemy. Thus, replacing these items with safer storage solution can be defined the starting point in this approach. It was scientifically proven that plastic, via endocrine disrupters, might increase cancer risks and risks associated with genetic and endocrine issues. The threat is higher than the way some chemical components work when used for food processing, even though this elements transits the plastic layer or film, indirectly contaminating the food.

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