Sydney Plasterer– What they do and what they cost

Often during the construction of new homes or additions, rough or uneven walls are given a smooth surface called plastering. A Sydney plasterer is a best company that you need for this work. However, plasterers can also provide services such as home insulation, pebble cutting, and wet cutting.

Billy Lewis Plastering online merchant Billy Lewis has been a plasterer for over 25 years specializing in in-house skimming projects.

“When skimming an entire wall is plastered with a thin layer called a ‘flood’ on gypsum board with a wet mix of lime or cement, concrete and sand. It’s the best way to get a smooth, easy-to-paint, great-looking finish, “says Lewis.

Recently, Lewis has seen curbs and trims grow in popularity. This is the process of consolidating the joints between the gypsum boards with bonding tape.

“Commercially, border and bonds are being used more and more and are influencing the internal market. But to get a smooth finish with this technique requires a lot of sanding. In my professional opinion, the best thing would be for homeowners to stay low-fat, they always win. ”

Release costs

Internal clearance costs start at EUR 300 per room. In Plasterer Sydney, release costs will be higher than in other parts of Ireland. Therefore, cost variables include the location, size of the room, and the age of your property (modern properties will generally have a lower ceiling height).

Insulation at home

If you are experiencing condensation in your home, and you want to increase your BER rating or lower your heating bills, then improved insulation will.

Lewis also offers interior insulation services for walls, attics and floors, known as dry cladding. This is the process of attaching rigid boards, such as expanded polystyrene or urethane foam boards to the internal frame, which are cut to fit between joists or joists. Then the boards are covered with a vapor barrier and drywall.

Costs of insulating the interior wall or dry cladding

“The density of insulating ridge panels can vary from 27mm to 50mm. Depending on the requirements and budget of the owners, the costs of the dry coating can start from 40 to 60 euros per square meter. But instead of guessing, I’d rather bid on the spot, “says Lewis.

Insulation costs of external walls

Exterior wall insulation is the process of fixing exterior walls to expanded polystyrene tiles or other insulating materials, such as mineral wool. A steel or fiberglass mesh and waterproof plaster are applied to protect against the elements.


The cost of insulating external walls for a 3-bedroom house starts at EUR 16,000 (complete with sills and plaster). For both exterior insulation and interior walls, the Sustain Power Authority of Ireland (SEAI) offers subsidies of up to € 5,500 or more than 30% of the total price when an owner uses a SEAI approved contractor.

Professional pebble and wet board

A common feature in the Irish urban and rural landscape is a gravel facade (also known as a dry line).

Hiring a gravel plastering service requires a team of tradesmen to get the job done right. The process requires the application of cement in a single continuous application, followed by pebbles scattered across the wall. The process must be done in a coordinated manner to ensure a long-lasting professional finish.

The cost of the gravel your home will shed will be more expensive than paint, but the results look great and require no maintenance.

Note: If the gravel wall needs repair, a professional Plasterer Sydney will recommend completely removing the existing line and reapplying a gravel line over the entire surface to ensure a uniform finish.

Wet Dash is very similar to the dry line, but the stones are plastered when applied, which leaves a rough finish and looks better after painting.

Costs of wet and dry spray

Wet and gravel prices for the 3 bedroom house start from 2000 EUR and exclude the rental of scaffolding. To receive an offer for a wet or dry table service today, post a job.

Plasterer Sydney is an experienced and skilled plasterer. For over 25 years, Plasterer Sydney has been working on interior and exterior plasters .

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