Physician Assistant’s Nature of Work

You have conducted a search on the Internet and know that the prospect for the job of physician assistant is bright. You know very well that a promising outlook for a career is important so that you have many job opportunities. You may thus contemplate pursuing this career. Before you make your decision, you may want to know more about the nature of work for members of this profession so as to gauge whether this can indeed be your future career.

These professionals work under 期間工 the supervision of a physician. They should not be confused with medical assistants, who perform routine and clinical tasks. As instructed by the supervising physician, a PA will provide diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive health care. They will perform such tasks as taking medical histories, examining and treating patients, making diagnoses and interpreting laboratory tests. In 48 states and the District of Columbia, physician assistants can prescribe medications. They may also perform managerial duties such as ordering medical supplies.

A PA may sometimes go to hospitals to examine patients, after which he or she will report to the physician. Although physician assistants work under the supervision of a physician, they will be the principal care providers in rural clinics. Physicians are only present for one or two days per week. If they need to consult the physicians who are physically far from them, they can do so through the application of telemedicine.

In regard to the work environment, physician assistants usually work in a comfortable and well-lighted setting. A PA whose supervising physician is a surgeon may have to stand for a long period. Working schedules differ depending upon the setting one works. In addition, it is also dependent on the working hours of the supervising physician. PAs based in hospitals may be required to work during weekend and at night. As for those who work in clinics, the total working hours per week are usually 40 hours.

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