Highest Rated Bathroom Corner Showers

One of the best renovations you can do to your bathroom area to save space and add your own personal style is by using corner bathroom showers. There are quite a few different corner bathroom shower enclosures on the market, but a few of them have set themselves apart from the pack. Take a look at the list below of the highest rated bathroom corner showers on the internet today.

Aciflex BE31PP122 Breeze Round Corner Shower with Door and Base – $1,280.00

Aciflex knows what homeowners want when they are trying to save space. The Breeze Round corner bathroom shower is the highest rated enclosure on the market today. If you are looking for a timeless design that is built with safety in mind, the Breeze Round series of corner shower enclosures is perfect for you.

Advanta 101109-000 34″ Jersey-S Round Corner Bathroom Shower – $549.99

The Jersey-S series round showers boast easy installation. The entire process can be completed by one person. However, you must make sure that you are prepared to deal with plumbing, and potentially electrical during the renovation.

American Standard 3838.CWTS.950 Town Square Corner Shower – $1,056.39

American Standard is known around the world as one of the highest quality manufacturers of kitchen and bathroom plumbing fixtures. When it comes to building long lasting designs that are guaranteed to please, most companies find themselves trying to match what American Standard has done. The Town Square series is no different, and features the same level of commitment to detail and quality as the rest of their products.

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