Air Travel to Tamil Nadu

With the gradual passage of time, India has developed as one of the hottest tourist destinations of world. India is not only well known for its natural and artificial beauties but also famous for its well managed transportation facilities.

Almost every Indian city has well developed transportation facilities which includes rail, road and air travel. For instance, Tamil Nadu, the southernmost state of India has all these three modes of communication. Among which air travel is the latest developed one. This beautiful coastal state has seven airports which are dotted in various parts of the state.

Some of these airports are only connected to Indian cities whereas some are joined with international cities such as

Chennai International Airport: Located in between Meenambakkam and Tirusulam, just 7 km away from the state capital, Chennai International Airport is the first international airport of Tamil Nadu. After Delhi and Mumbai, this airport of the state is considered as third busiest airport of the country. Chennai airport is the second largest cargo hub after Mumbai. Chennai International airport is connected to 19 foreign countries and operates 169 direct flights every week. It has three terminals such as one for cargo, one for domestic passengers and last one for international passengers.

Coimbatore Airport: Another International airport of Tamil Nadu is Coimbatore. Built at Peelamedu, just 13km from the Coimbatore city centre. For the first time this airport has started its operation in the year 1940 as a civil aerodrome and mainly provides services to Chennai and Mumbai. Later on, it has extended its services to Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kozhikode, Ahmedabad, Cochin and Bangaluru. But, in the year 1995, Indian airlines has started its operation to some International cities such as Colombo,Singapore, Sharjah.

Madurai Airport: Madurai, the famous temple city of Tamil Nadu also has a domestic and international airport. Both national and private airlines such as Indian Airlines, Jet Airways, Kingfisher Airlines and Paramount Airlines plys from this airport to other national and international cities such as Madurai to Chennai, Mumbai, and Bangalore.

Tiruchirapalli Airport: Tiruchirapalli Airport is the last international airport of the state. This airport is well joined with both national and international destinations like Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Kaula Lampur, Dubai, Singapore, colombo and Chennai respectively. This airport of Trichy is just 5 km from city centre.

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