10 Most Popular Bead Animal Patterns

As its name shows, beading consists in using a needle and a wire to attach beads one to the other into a certain shape. Beadwork results in creating objects that we can wear as jewels or use as home decorations. Beadwork arose as part of the African culture but in time it spread in the rest of the world as well. Back then, stones, clays or bones were used as beads, while today for this art people use crystals, glass or seed beads which are jurnal otaku small beads meant to be grouped in order to create a pattern and even precious stones like pearls.

There are numerous bead patterns embodying flowers, symbols, shapes. Bead animal patterns are some of the most frequently used because they are relatively easy to work on and can be wonderful gifts for children or decorations for their rooms.

Just like all the other models, bead animal patterns can be divided in two main categories: 2D and 3D. The 2D patterns are easy to follow and are highly recommended for beginners, while the 3D patterns are recommended to beaders who have already gained some experience and speed in working with 2D patterns and are ready to go to a next level. 3D bead patterns require the use of the bead weaving technique, which at its turn includes the right angle weave technique and the peyote stitch.

By following a 2D or 3D bead animal pattern, we can obtain interesting items that not only kids, but also grown-ups, will love. Here are some of the most popular bead animal patterns that we can use to exercise our beading skills:

1. Frog bead pattern is recommended for beginners, because of the simplicity of its shape and the possibility it gives to the beaders to learn how to make legs.

2. Turtle pattern is a simple shape to work on, just like the frog one.

3. A spider is easy to do, once you got an idea of how to work on legs, and it is a perfect decoration item for the Halloween parties. To make it more interesting, you can tie a flexible wire to its center so that you can allow kids to play with it.

4. A butterfly can be obtained by following a 2D pattern. It will give you the chance to learn how to create wings.

5. A kitty can be made following a 3D pattern and using precious beads like pearls or even Swarowsky crystals. Great to hang to a cat lover’s necklace or cell phone.

6. Buffalo patterns are used to get familiar with peyote stitch technique.

7. Beading an owl looking item can be done using the brick stitch technique, but also the peyote stitch one. The obtained objects can be turned into jewels such as earrings or a necklace but also into a talisman or decorative item as the owl is the symbol of wisdom and of Athena Goddess.

8. One of the most wanted bead animals patterns are the ones embodying an elephant due to the richness of symbols associated with it in Indian culture. It can be obtained through peyote stitching and used as a talisman jewel or decorative object.

9. An icebear can be obtained by using white or transparent beads and a 3D pattern.

10. Penguins are also bead animals patterns that beaders look for. They require a certain amount of skillfulness and mastering the peyote stitching technique.

These are just a few bead animals patterns you can try while dedicating time to your favorite hobby. You just have to be endowed with the patience to search for them and to understand the steps you need to take in order to shape your pets out of beads.

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