The Top Ten Online Diet Sites Based on Reviews

With so many online diet sites available on the Internet today, people may have a hard time finding the right dieting website for them. Here are the top ten online diet sites and their respective reviews for 2011.

10. The South Beach Diet Online. top up online Compared to most diet programs, the South Beach Diet can be rearranged to fit the different dietary requirements of a person. However, reviewers have found one drawback to this diet program: it completely excludes sugar and carbohydrates. This alone would make it extremely difficult for most people to maintain this diet program.

9. The Biggest Loser Club. This website offers immediate access to different fitness experts, plus its programs can be customized to fit the dieter’s needs exactly. Due to the success of the television show, The Biggest Loser, this website uses the hype surrounding the television show in order to keep the members focused and motivated to continue with the program. The drawback? The programs found in this site can be too drastic or sudden for regular people to adhere to.

8. Jillian Michaels. For those who love to become fit and lose weight at the same time, this diet program may be for them. It highlights the uses of exercise regimes accompanied by good eating habits and the right attitude towards the diet program. Unlike other diet programs where people have to simply adjust to the portions and kinds of food they can consume, this diet website pushes for a more physical lifestyle that only the most dedicated individuals can handle.

7. Denise Austin. Think of this website as being your personal weight loss trainer online. This service has been around for no less than 25 years, and it has now been introduced into the Internet mainstream. Like Jillian Michaels, this website focuses on exercise and keeping fit, with eating certain meals that are highlighted in the website.

6. Weight Watchers Online. Reviewers have dubbed this as having one of the most efficient and effective programs for weight loss. However, the online tools found in the website may not be as good as the other online tools found in dieting websites. In fact, this website puts more emphasis on doing the regime during meetings with other people following the same weight loss program instead of doing it online.

5. Jenny Craig. As one of the top rated weight loss programs that utilizes food preparation as the key to weight loss success, Jenny Craig offers pre-packaged meals that would help one solve his/her eating habits and lead to a leaner physique. However, the price of these pre-packaged meals can cause people to drop out of the weight loss program earlier than planned.

4. Fast Track to Fat Loss. This website allows users to contact their own trainer who can help them through the weight loss program. A person has to sign up for a membership before he/she can receive full access to the different products and services that have been lined up for them. However, information and other dietary tools will be at their disposal. One downside is that members can receive a lot of e-mails regarding membership upgrades.

3. Dietwatch. This website provides users with a database for the different vitamins and minerals, a nutritional calculator, and even a meditation room. The website is easy to navigate, and it provides detailed information about the different diet programs. The only thing it lacks is customizable workout plans.

2. For those who are tired of commercial diet programs, this website is definitely for them. It allows people to customize their diet program, and can answer the different dietary needs of people. This website puts an individual’s personality into light when preparing a diet program.

1. eDiets. This is the top dieting website for 2011. Almost all the dietary, health, and nutrition needs are answered by the programs in this website. The key to success is hard work, dedication, and determination, especially if one doesn’t use the meal service plan.

Out of the hundreds of websites offering diet programs and services, these 10 websites have made the list. So choose one website that you trust and let your road to getting thin begin!



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