Webmasters and Publishers: A Match Made in Heaven!

It’s pretty well-known that one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website is to post in various forums and leave your signature that includes a link to your site. While its true that this is a very good way to generate web traffic, how do you focus on the forums that yield the highest amount of qualified traffic?

With so many new sites coming online everyday, there is even greater opportunity for driving web traffic and increasing revenue. But how can you continue to justmyfitness target the ones that bring YOU the most success?

There are hundreds of webmasters out there who are desperate for people to post in their forums… especially those who are particularly knowledgeable in specialized “niche” topics. The competition is fierce so the last thing a webmaster needs is a plethera of completely useless postings on their forums.

Readers are looking for legitimate and accurate information that they can benefit from… and so the webmasters intent is get those high-quality postings in order to generate traffic and create a valuable community.

Most webmasters are very willing to trade forum postings (or other suitable content) with other webmasters. However, a growing number of webmasters are now paying for quality postings. It’s one of the more effective methods of obtaining the targeted material that their readers are looking for.

So in the vast expanse of the internet, we have these desperate webmasters and these determined content writers all chasing that same (often elusive) web traffic. The solution to this frustrating dilemma is to bring these two groups of people together in order to successfully accommodate the needs of both in a fast and efficient manner.

The Forum Seeders Network (FSN) is designed to do just that.

FSN is arranged to showcase two types of internet gurus:

1. Content writers and their list of specialty topics

2. Webmasters whose sites and forums are in need of quality content.

All you have to do is register as a member, and then create either a webmaster profile or a publisher profile (or BOTH if you are one of those multi-talented individuals).

After that, you are free to browse the profile listings and forums, and introduce yourself to other members whom you feel are a good match for you.

As a publisher, you can select the websites and forums that are of interest to you and then message the webmaster directly to let him or her know that you are available to provide targeted content for their website or forums.

As a webmaster, you can select content providers whose specialty topics are what you need for your website and/or forums and contact those individuals whom you would like to work with and form your agreement.

Any kind of agreement can be made from trading forum posts to purchasing fresh content or forum posting services. FSN does not take any commissions or participate in any way. We just provide the meeting place.

Membership is currently free for the first 100 members. The sooner you sign-up, the quicker you’ll start to find suitable matches.

So what are you waiting for? Surf out to The Forum Seeders Network now!


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Stacey Brooks is a Software Developer and Web Consultant with over 15 years of programming experience in corporate industries such as timeshare vacation rentals, parks and recreations, manufacturing and distribution, securities trading, and medical practice systems in addition to her web development projects for communities, clubs, organizations and small businesses.



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