Building a Better Legal Profession

Building a Better Legal Profession (BBLP) was a non-benefit association established by understudies at Stanford Law School in 2007.[1][2] They examined business information everywhere private law offices to advance work environment change at these organizations by urging understudies to “make a statement” and select future managers dependent on personal satisfaction and variety standards, as opposed to the unadulterated prestige.[1][3][4] BBLP’s examination was distributed by Kaplan as a book in 2009–2010. Building websites for lawyers


1 Law Firm Rankings and Report Cards

1.1 Building a Better Legal Profession’s Guide to Law Firms

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Law office Rankings and Report Cards

Illustration of BBLP Report Card.

Utilizing information from the National Association for Legal Career Professionals (NALP) an arrangement of report cards and rankings of law offices was made. BBLP utilized information from 11 significant business sectors in the United States to show planned lawyers what they can anticipate from a potential law office should they get a proposition for employment. Their BBLP Rankings covered a variety of data that is critical to future legal counselors including firms’ base billable hour necessities, normal partner hours worked, segment variety, normal free hours, and the quantity of low maintenance attorneys.[6][7]

The BBLP delivered “BBLP Rankings” and furthermore created “BBLP Report Cards” on the significant American legitimate commercial centers (for example Boston, Chicago, Manhattan, Washington D.C), just as the significant American huge law offices (for example Allen and Overy, and Linklaters):[2][4][6][7]

Building a Better Legal Profession’s Guide to Law Firms

In April 2009, Kaplan distributed Building a Better Legal Profession’s Guide to Law Firms: The Law Students Guide to Finding the Perfect Law Firm Job.[5] The book utilized BBLP’s online reports and advisers for give vocation direction and stories from the experts as of now at the lawful firms reviewed.[2][4][6]


Building a Better Legal Profession had more than 1,400 individuals the nation over, with a presence at Stanford Law School, Harvard Law School, Yale Law School, Columbia Law School and NYU Law School, among others.[1][2][6]

Media consideration

The BBLP acquired public media consideration with conventional traditional press with inclusion from CBS,[7] The Wall Street Journal,[1][2] The New York Times,[8] the Los Angeles Times,[9][10] and The Boston Globe. The BBLP has been shrouded in lawful papers and lawful diaries too including articles from Legal Times, the ABA Journal, and the National Law Journal.[3]

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