How it Differs From Type

Diabetes type 2 is a common disease that is becoming even more prevalent with each passing day. It is typically diagnosed in individuals after the age of 35 and is distinctly different in its cause from diabetes type 1. Whereas people with type 1 are usually diagnosed before the age of 20 and have an inability to produce insulin, those with type 2 are able to produce insulin but their bodies’ are no longer reactive to it. Type 1 is typically caused by an autoimmune response in which the person’s body produces antibodies that attack the pancreas, the body’s insulin producer. Alternately, type 2 is often brought on by factors such as poor dietary habits, obesity, and a lack of physical activity.

As both forms of diabetes work in very distinct manners, their treatments vary drastically as well. Whereas those with diabetes type 1 are required to inject themselves with insulin when their blood sugar gets too high, those with type 2 may never even need to take insulin. Also, while both forms can benefit from a healthy diet eaten on a regular schedule, that is a main focus of treatment and management of diabetes type 2.

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