God is Unlimited – Good News

God is unlimited. I have confessed this to almost a million people and have now decided to to share this good news to all my readers. You may not have believed this before, but now I tell you the real truth that God’s unlimited nature is not in question.

It is really a great thing to discover that God, being omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent is unlimited. I came to realize when, all of a sudden, I stumbled into this eternal truth and applied it into my life and it worked wonders for me. And because the Lord wants this truth to sink down in the hearts of Christians and their friends as He proves His unlimited nature in their situations, families, bodies, careers, businesses, etc, I quickly thought it wise that the truth must equally be shared among Christians and the entire human race.

God is not confined or restricted to certain, places or situations in His operations or works. Darkness and light are both alike to Him. He can be operating in America, India, Europe and Nigeria at the same time, without being tired. He sees and knows what is going on everywhere. He answers prayers made to Him in faith everywhere without being confused. God is not restricted by men or spirits in His power to save and heal; not restricted in His strategies to trap His enemies. God is unlimited in resources and everything is His agent, even the ravens can be called to feed Elijah.

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