Does Having Diabetes Make It More Likely You Will Develop Depression?

Depression is a disorder when negative feelings and mood start to influence, even interfere with, events in your daily life. Events such as eating, sleeping, work, and even your relationships. Depression can be a crippling short-lived affliction which occurs after a negative experience or unexpected tragedy or loss. At other times, the problems may not resolve, or they even get worse.

Symptoms of depression include:


  • feeling tired all the time,
  • sleep disorders (sleeping more or less than usual),
  • feelings of sadness, helplessness, or loss
  • negative feeling about your future,
  • difficulty remembering things,
  • moodiness,
  • eating more or less than usual,
  • changes in your social life (wanting to be alone or fears about being alone).


While we all have the ability to become depressed at one time or another, there are certain things that can allow it to take over our very lives. Research has shown individuals with a chronic disease such as diabetes, are more likely to have depression. The good news is by following a few simple rules, you can fight off the effects of depression and diabetes at the same time.

Many Type 2 diabetics get depressed when they first learn of their diagnosis; they have a bad reaction to the diagnosis. When the diagnosis is diabetes which is a chronic lifelong disease, the news can hit hard. Individuals feel as if their life has been taken away from them. They mistakenly believe the length of their life, as well as the quality of it, has been greatly diminished by the presence of this disease. But this is only true if the diabetic allows it to be.

One way to beat depression is to make small goals for yourself.┬áSince you didn’t develop Type 2 diabetes overnight, you really can’t expect to completely rid your body of it overnight, either. Management takes time. If you try to rush its progress, you are setting yourself up for failure which brings on depression.

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