Credit Card Debt News Finds Consumers Robbing

There’s finally good news for the credit card debt dilemma millions of Americans are facing. People who can’t pay their card accounts are discovering legal ways out as a necessity and those that have grown tired of 30% interest rates are diligently looking for ways to walk away with the banks money which was actually their money once upon a time.

There is indeed a new movement where savvy consumers are turning the tables on card companies. For many years card issuers have robbed the poor consumers but now there are new Robin Hood’s who are intentionally robbing the rich and keeping the money stolen from them by card companies.

These new modern-day Robin Hoods came into being as a result of the banks imposing debt slavery on the population. Some people started raising their eyebrows back during the bailout when those “too big to fail” took billions from taxpayers and then watched in disbelief as millions in bonuses were awarded to the greedy smiling executives that brought our country to financial collapse.

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