Choosing Relevant Blog Categories For Increased Traffic

While blogs are a great way to share information, there are some strange details that might require a little bit more explanation. WordPress is a very wonderful format. It is easy to use. It has great features and you can add Categories and Tags.


Yes, Categories and Tags. signsnews Once you scroll down past your post a little, you will come across these two very similar yet very different things. Using these two can help your readers find posts that fit their particular interests.

Why are there two different things?

Originally WordPress had categories. But after a while a category would start to get too many articles and bloggers broke down the categories further. This started creating long lists of Categories. Thus tags were born.

What is a category?

Categories are the broad term, they help categorize your posts. You can have long keyword phrases; which is a three or four word phrase, as a category. Create unique to your blog phrase for a category name. A category name could be “Dallas Mexican Restaurants” which is a long keyword phrase or “Mex-Food that Rocks” for something unique. But you can also have sub-categories. This great for “Dallas Restaurants” and the sub-category of “Mexican” or “Italian.”

How is a tag different?

You use tags to identify terms related to your blog post. These are terms that help readers of your blog and first time visitors identify the content. Unlike the above categories, you only want to use one or two words as tags. Tags related to the post above could be things like “tortillas, margaritas, live mariachis, green enchiladas, chicken tacos” and other related terms.

What about for Search Engines?

As far as SEO; Search Engine Optimization, there are differences as well. Tags help search engines identify content on your blog. A search engine is likely not to understand “Mex-Food that Rocks” but it does know you are talking about Mexican food from the tags you used.

How about for visitors?

Your readers should always be of highest consideration. They will understand both. If a reader only cares about places with green enchiladas, they will be very happy you use tags. Another person may only care about finding top Mexican restaurants. Your post can have as many tags as you want to use, the problem is, your tag cloud gets increasingly larger and more confusing. Thus try to keep a limit on your tags.

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