Why Free Stuff Is the Future of Business!

Okay, let’s think outside of the box and look forward into the not too distant future…

Imagine in your wildest dreams movies at the theater… totally FREE.

No tricks, no scams, no “I gotcha” but absolutely 100% no catch FREE.

This very scenario is presently under consideration. In exchange for free movies – you will be charged a lot more for concessions. Ouch!

There’s the catch, in fact, the last time I attended a movie I could have sworn it has already started – considering the high cost at the concession stand.

Talking about a real game changer…This could have a major impact on the movie business as we know it today.

The term “FREE” is no longer a marketing gimmick used to draw you into some fancy deal. Free is a stand along business tool that is being widely used more and more each day.

For example, GOOGLE, I think you know that Powerhouse.

Take a look at them closely and one thing you will notice, almost EVERYTHING they do – is FREE. This did not just happen and is in no way an accident.

Google is worth billions; certainly they did not gain these riches by merely giving stuff away! Or did they? Here’s how it’s done, consumers funnel in for free – and once in, they are then introduced to a wide selection of paid services (AdWords is the example extraordinaire).

As you continue in your internet marketing business, giving away FREE stuff, and I mean really FREE, quality products/services that people can use and want to receive is a strategy that you should incorporate immediately into your business.

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