Improve Your Home By Making It Smarter – Tomorrows Smart House Today

When people think of home improvement mostly they think of hammers, nails, carpet, paint, shutters, windows, garage organizing, closet space, patios, and landscaping – but what about the electronics of your modern day home. Trust me when I tell you this isn’t the 1950s anymore. Today, our homes, our appliances, and all the systems from WiFi, alarms, and air filtration are electronic based. More and more all of these devices are being integrated into what we now know of as a Smart Home. Well, that seems smart until one day the system crashes.

Another issue that homeowners, renters, and residents are worried about is how our smart meters are giving us away – telling on us, leaving a crumb trail of signs as to how we live, what we are doing and our common habits. Indeed, there was an interesting article in Read-Write-Web online on March 18, 2013 titled; “Smart Homes: Our Next Digital Privacy Nightmare,” by John Paul Tiltow.

I think most of us already know that WiFi systems even with passwords are not hacker proof, further if you have a cable company provider which has bundled your software, they already potentially have your password and they most likely came and installed the WiFi system. Next, the smart grid Умный Дом meters are not hacker proof either, nor are today’s alarm systems.

Worse, there doesn’t seem to be any protection once you start using frequencies for communication even in your own home as everything and all those frequencies are pre-approved by the FCC, so they can listen in, and since the FCC is a federal agency, I think it is safe to say that big brother can claim access to just about anything you have, whether you like it or not or deem it unconstitutional.

Not long ago, I had written a funny article; “Is Your Car Following You” which was a pun on the whole social networking thing and the reality that today’s smart cars are potentially smarter than we are, soon they will be driving and better drivers getting into fewer accidents as well.

Same theories would go to your home as well, as it will be following your every move, offering energy efficient savings tips, trying to pre-guess your needs using artificial intelligent software and even turning you in if you waste energy to the power company, government, or if you are a renter your landlord for fines, fees, penalties, or even energy maleficence.

Anyway, I hope you might think about this next time you want to upgrade your home, its software or so some sort of electronic home improvement.



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