Visit Bolivia’s Rugged Mountains and Peru’s Ancient Attractions on Round the World Trips

If you are looking for real adventure during your round the world trip, South America should definitely be on your itinerary. Where else can you find jungles and snow-capped mountains to trek through on your way to ancient cities and spectacular natural attractions?

There are a number of countries in the region you could visit to enjoy the great outdoors, but two really stand out – Bolivia and Peru. Both can be slotted into the schedule of a round the world trip for under £1,000 if you shop around for bargain air fares, so it is well worth looking what they have to offer.

Bolivia could hardly be described as one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, but everybody who visits there comes away feeling they have been treated to a real hidden gem. It is packed with spectacular countryside, most of it centred around the Andes mountain range.

Trek through the hills to Salar de Uyuni and you will be in for a memorable experience. The world’s largest salt flats have an almost unique landscape that is as desolate at it is beautiful. The breathtaking surroundings also provide a habitat for lots of unusual creatures and wildlife lovers can expect to see culpeos, vizcachas, flamingos and Andean geese.

It is also well worth travelling to the beautiful shores of Lake Titicaca, which is one of the highest major lakes in the world. As well as some stunning scenery, you will be able to see how the ancient Uros people live their lives.

Peru is an ideal place to live out your Indiana Jones fantasies, as it is packed with the remains of long forgotten civilisations hidden among some rugged terrain. The highlight of any trip to the country is sure to be trekking to the pre-Columbian city of Machu Picchu.

Walk the challenging Inca Trail from Cusco up eos-tour through the mountains and you will encounter lots of ruins, as well as some stunning views over the Andes and Amazon basin. Alternatively, there is a train that takes you straight to the ruins as well as coach trips every day.

Around three days after setting off, you will reach your destination some 8,000 ft above sea level – and what a destination it is. Although Machu Picchu was abandoned in 1572 after the Spanish conquest, the 15th century city is remarkably well preserved and you cannot fail to be impressed by the feats of construction.

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