Discus Care Guidelines

An aquarium in the home or office can create a backdrop that promotes a definite level of relaxation. There is something very serene about watching the fish swim around in their environment, and the colors on display when the tank contains tropical fish can be very beautiful. If you are thinking of investing in an aquarium and are specifically targeting the tropical variety of fish, then a fun addition to your collection would be a discus fish. They are about as close to a family pet as you can get with a fish, given that they will react to the world outside theirs by following your movements, tap themselves against the glass when you come to feed them, and will even eat out of your hand. That is what makes discus fish such an appealing addition to any aquarium, but caring for them does require a bit of work.

To begin with, when caring for discus, it’s important to remember that any new fish that is about to be placed into an existing tank should be quarantined for a couple of weeks, just to be sure it’s not carrying any parasites or disease. The discus fish is extremely susceptible to those types of infections, so maintaining a clean tank is imperative for the health of the fish. A simple way to maintain a cleaner tank is to make sure that it is at least 40 discus fish collectinggallons as this will help prevent pH levels from fluctuating too wildly.

A discus fish, like almost all tropical fish, requires a water temperature of 82-86 degrees Fahrenheit, so be sure to maintain that level to keep it happy. They are a fun loving fish and love to hide and play, so adding a number of items such as logs and plants will allow them to behave the way they do in their natural environment.

As mentioned earlier, discus fish will let you know when they are ready to be fed, so pay attention to the signs which will help you maintain a regular feeding schedule. Feeding them too much or too often can lead to health problems. In fact overfeeding is one of the most common discus care mistakes people make.

As friendly as discus fish are, they are still prone to be a little skittish, so lighting and tank placement play a big part in their happiness. Keep the aquarium in an area that is not subject to a lot of people walking by and keep a bright light overhead to reduce the risk of shadows on the tank which may startle the discus. Finally, be sure to change the water once a week, but try to keep it to around 20-30% of the total amount of water, as too much change too quickly can upset the discus fish.

An aquarium is a great addition to the home, and by adding discus fish, you will be pleased to find that the tank takes on a whole new level of fun. If you follow the tips outlined above, then you have the best chance of having a fish that is happy and whose behavior will reflect that.

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