Roadside Assistance is a Sound Investment For the Travelling Public

The United States is in love with its mobility and always has been. There are many reason for it, the size of the country, the luxury of the automobile, the fantastic scenery, all contribute to a culture of travel. From our inception as a nation travel has been an integral part of who we are as a people. The advent of roadside assistance has just made the idea all that much more convenient.

Back in the late 1700s, the notion of travel was fueled from the very outset as the pioneers moved westward to expand the young nation across our massive continent. The draws were many and varied, from finding their own land to the call of the wild too the later advent of the gold rush in California.Missouri RV dealer In those days, travel was most accomplished via wagon train or on horseback, and the going was anything but luxurious.

Travelling in the early days of this nation was fraught with danger. If the exposure, climate and difficulty finding sustenance did not get you, there was still the advent of lethal wild animals and an indigenous population that were often inhospitable. For this reason traveling was a carefully thought out and planned adventure not for the feint of heart.

As time passed, the draw for communication with all parts of the country drove the development of lines of communication. Congress designated first the waterways then the railways as official postal routes designed to keep us all connected. Still for a long time that only reached as far west as Saint Joseph, Missouri. The real west was still wild and unconnected. This spawned the creation of the pony express, but it would be many years later before there was true interconnection.

The transcontinental railway was completed in 1869 and provided the first truly line of communication spanning the continent. The first roadway spanning the nation was the Lincoln Highway spanning nearly 3,400 miles from to Times Square in new York to Lincoln Park in California. With this highway the American love for travel was launched.

Ever since then the roadways of America have grown and connected every municipality we created. A second major travel related boost was the development of the Interstate Highway System begun in 1956. Developed to assist business and leisure travel within the US, it was also a means fro moving military logistics across the nation in times of crisis.

This notion of assisting with the national defense is the answer to a number of trivialities about the roadway. The answer to why there is an interstate in Hawaii and Alaska is answered by the connectivity between military bases in these two states, as the original bill authorizing its construction was also a national defense endeavor. Also one mile out of every five miles is straight, allowing it to be used as an emergency landing field if it is necessary.

Travel across the united States in the form of a road trip has been immortalized in movies and been a part of most American lives. About the only downside to traveling across the nation is the time it takes and the possibility of having your car malfunction or just die altogether out in the middle of nowhere. The introduction of roadside assistance has all but taken these risks out of the equation.



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