Stainless Decking Screws

When you use stainless steel in do it yourself projects or contracting builders, you know that the corrosive properties are very low.

The best grade of stainless is grade 316 ( marine grade), this is very high in nickel content making corrosion nearly impossible. If you live close to the coastline it is imperative that you use this product in all out door applications.

For indoor applications grade 304 can be used, it is not marine grade but for protected areas inside the home it is very suitable.

Such as the beautiful hardwood deck you have spent thousands on, you would not use galvanised screws or decking screws. You would you stainless. Thus making deck builder near me corrosion virtually nil, especially around your pool area or barbecue area. You would use a square drive decking screw or for wider board applications you would use a batten screw. The finishing will look amazing! And be the envy of all your friends.

Some tips:

1: Always use grade 316 or grade 304 for indoor use.

2: Make sure this is what you are getting

3: Have a qualified tradesman install all your building projects.

4: If doing it yourself make sure you have all plans approved by your local council.

5: Do your homework when looking for a tradesman! Don’t be afraid to ask all or any questions you need, to satisfy yourself of his credentials. Get 3 or more quotes, compare them and go with the one you are most comfortable with.

Also do not think the most expensive quote will be the best one! And never think the cheapest is the best.

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