DIY Loan Modification Kit

I have seen far too many loan modification companies taking advantage of desperate homeowners. As a result, I have decided to create this comprehensive Kit. This kit will teach you everything you need to know to do a loan modification on your own. The kit includes step-by-step instructions for properly performing a loan modification. This free DIY kit includes countless worksheets you will use when negotiating a loan modification with your lender. Here are a few of the items included in this kit:

Sample hardship letters – These hardship letter templates will teach you how to write a hardship letter to your bank. This kit includes numerous examples of hardship letters. you will get a really good feel for how the structure of a hardship letter should appear.

Loan Modification Worksheets – these worksheets will prove invaluable during your negotiation process, i can promise you this. Some of the worksheets include: Lender Call Log Sheet, Income Worksheets, Expense Worksheets, Net Worth Statement, Schedule of Real Estate Owned, Fax Cover Sheet and many more!

Lender Rolodex – Get all the banks phone #’s, address, email address, and contact information for important people in the loss mitigation departments.

And Much More!

I am releasing this kit in hopes to do my part in helping homeowners save there homes from foreclosure. In addition this DIY kit will teach you how to lower your monthly concrete-everything mortgage payments and how to lower your interest rates. This kit will save you thousands of dollars a year. Why pay some company upwards of $1500 to do what you can do yourself?

You can get the help you need to apply and qualify for a loan modification by ordering the best selling book for homeowners, The Complete Loan Modification Guide. This is a low cost, easy to read home edition loan mod kit that will provide you with everything you need to prepare a professional and acceptable loan modification application. You are provided with all of the necessary forms and given detailed directions on how to complete them properly. The Complete Loan Modification Guide will take you step by step through calculating your debt ratio, completing the financial statements, writing your hardship letter and then putting it all together to submit to your lender. Learn how to apply and qualify for the Obama federal program too. Get started today.

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